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SidNitzerglobin said:
Kinda sounds like you maybe just overtaxed the knees with too little extension due to a low saddle height to me. This can happened to me w/ an optimal setup if I hammer a bit too much on sprints and/or climbs on a longish ride or spin above 115-120rpm for a long period of time as well.

I'd say move the saddle back to its previous height and try to do the 62 mile route at an easy pace. If the knees are starting to feel significantly worse around 20 miles in, head back in and make sure your fit is good from a KOPS and leg angle at full extension perspective. Not sure what options you have w/ Speedplay, but moving the cleat slightly more towards the arch side of the ball of the foot seemed to help me a bit as well.

This is what was doing it for me. I was gradually increasing my cadence because it "felt" better, and before I knew it, my average cadence was never below 110.

I went to my fitter to have him re-check my bike, and when we were talking, I mentioned to him my cadence range.

He recommended staying between 85-100 and see what happened. Well, yesterday, I made it a point to keep it there, and it was amazing. Not a single inch of pain in the knee, and felt excellent after the ride.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts