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First sorry with my english.
I have a new bike with pedals, saddle, shoes and crank lenght equal to my old bike, and using the same measures - seat height, fore/aft saddle position, measuring the knee angle on both bikes, measure bottom bracket to saddle nose plumb bob.For trainnig I use the old bike and Sunday long ride use the new. Now my right inner knee pain problem is with my new bike.The only difference is my new bike crankset Bontrager Race is less wider(Qfactor) than my Shimano 9 speed 105 crank.The difference is about 3/16 inch(maybe 6 to 8 mm).I read about knee savers but the shorter pedal spacers is 20 mm. I like to know another solution for my problem?

The bikes:
old= Scattante 57 cm compact frame
new= Habanero Titanium 58 standard frame

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If wearing the same shoes, you can see if installing a Shimano crankset will give the same Q-factor? Otherwise, buy another pair of shoes and adjust appropriately. There are probably lots of other combinations to achieve this too.
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