Kristin Armstrong crashed in the Exergy Tour Prologue this evening in downtown Boise, Idaho. According to Jim Johnston, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon of St. Luke's Sports Medicine. Kristin has a mid-shaft clavicle fracture. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning where the injury will be stabilized with clavicle pins. Swift recovery is expected.

Kristin is expected back on her trainer within a few days to continue her pursuit of Olympic Gold.

Teammate Tayler Wiles commented, "We are all absolutely heartbroken for Kristin, but we are ready to rally and do this for her and her hometown. "

Exergy TWENTY12 will begin stage 1 of the Exergy Tour tomorrow without Armstrong, but she will be following her teammates closely on Tour Tracker.

"Our team shall ride the wind with purpose these next few days" commented James Carkulis CEO of Exergy Development Group, "Our athletes can stand on their own, their leader has taught them well, they know the courses and the competition."

Thank you for the incredible outreach this evening, we will keep you updated as information comes my way.

Nicola Cranmer, General Manager Exergy TWENTY12