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Ksyrium hub question

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Had my wheels off today for a cleaning. As I was cleaning the rear I noticed the little cover that you turn to adjust the bearings would move freely. Put back on bike and with the QRs closed the tension was normal the covers would not turn without the adjustment wrench.
Is it normal for the covers to be loose when off the bike and no tension applied via the QR?
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Its normal. Don't sweat it.
How do you remove the cassette body. I've got the cassette off & the mavic site notes that I need to use a 5mm allen wrench (drive side) & a 10mm allen on the left side. They direct us to remove a cover/axle end. Anyways, I don't have any idea how to get this cover off, if infact there is a seam-tough to tell.

I hope this message is clear.

Thanks in advance,
Your wheel set should have come with 2 tools a special spoke wrench and the tire lever looking hub wrench.
I've got the hub/bearing wrench. I didn't think the bearing race needed to come out. Does it?

As I understand it, the end of the axle, which rides in the frame dropout slide off the end & exposes the 10mm allen.

If this is right, how doe you get this off. I heard from a local bike shop that they'll carefully use a pliers wrapped in a rag.

Does this sound right.

Thanks again,

ejeaston, from what you seem to be saying, on the rear hub the "nondrive" side cover is "retained" by an oring, remove your QR and then give a firm tug with your fingers, this will expose the hex inside, its real easy to service the cassette, just mind the very small springs under the paws, best way is with very small wire untill you get the bady ready to go back on. P.S. I use 80/90w gear oil in mine and it remains quiet for 1000 miles. All the best -- Bill
Right, I am trying to get the non-drive side cover off, but have pulled on it with a rag & haven't had any luck, no movement whatsoever, I still am not sure where the seam is to this cover. Also, is it difficult to get back on.

Thanks, Jim
An axle vise works really well (or gently use vise grips wrapped in a rag). Reassembly is easy - just slide it on and smack it with your palm.
Jim, As gmcastil indicated somthing smothe is best heavy rag or somthing may help a lot the thing is the "fit" is close (it seems very finly machined) you should see a fine line visable that is the seam. Once off it goes back on very easy -- Bill
Thanks Tuscany & Bull,

I got it off this morning after taking the pliers & rag to it. I did use my nice craftsman pliers with the quality sharp machining, and inspite of wrapping it in a rag & of course, never pinching/gripping the cover, (just used it to form a handle underneath the flance), I still got a few small marks on the cover. Apparently some of the teeth got through the old cotton shirt (which was doubled over). Mistakes like this just drive me nuts.

Anyways, the cassette body came right off & got it lubed up with some white lithium grease & it seams to be working well. I was only able to ride it in the driveway & into the street, while the kids were down for their nap. As you noted the cover slipped right back in w/o problems.

I've already turned the cover faced down so I don't have to be reminded of my hack job. The few marks that were left & cover w/ a black indelible Sharpee.

Thanks everyone & Many Happy Trails,

Crap, I wish I could have told you earlier, try sliding rubber hose over your needle nose pliers.
ejeaston said:
Anyways, the cassette body came right off & got it lubed up with some white lithium grease & it seams to be working well.
Be aware that grease isn't the best possible lube for this application. Search for lots and lots of threads about this. I use PW tenacious oil in my Mavic hubs. I've heard the special Mavic oil is just 10wt mineral oil.
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