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here comes trouble
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That back scrubber thread kinda got me to thinking. My daily routine doesn't seem like a lot (in fact, I consider myself relatively low maintenance) until you start cataloguing it. So I thought I'd type it out and see how much it freaks me out (everything except makeup). All the stuff I use on a regular basis is as follows (daily unless otherwise stated):

Loofah/body puff thing
Super-scrubby loofah (for the rough spots and 3x/wk major exfoliation)
Back scrubber
Shampoo brush
Foot multi-tool (brush/cheese grater/pumice stone/file)
In-shower body lotion
Hair masque (once/wk deep treatment)
Liquid Body Wash
Fancy bar soap (it smells like cotton! sooo good)
Face cleanser
Face lotion with spf 15
exfoliating face masque (3-4x/wk)
peel face masque (once/wk)
blemish spot treatment (as needed)
shaving creme
leave-in conditioner/heat protectant
shimmer body lotion (for special occasions)
Nut butter (for feet&elbows as needed)
Creamy conditioning oil (it's by Nivea - feels like a lotion, soothes my legs after shaving on the occasion that the skin gets irritated)

I think that's about it. I don't wear makeup everyday, but I have tons. The stuff I use about twice a week when I wear makeup is:

tinted lotion

And everyday I use Burt's Beeswax lip balm

(Sogno - I haven't tried the foot scrub yet!)

Plus: all the regular stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body spray.

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That's not too bad. Here's mine

I'm packing, so I've lightened the load recently.

Body wash
Body wash foamer thingy
Bar Soap
Misc. Item #1

Cabinet #1:
Hair Spray
Hair Gel
Hair Root Volumizer
Hair Putty-expensive
Hair Putty-cheap
Assortment of hair clips
Hand lotion
Extra toilet paper

Cabinet #2:
Box of travel sized items
Box of first aid stuff
Box of left over thera-bands from physical therapy
Misc. Items #2, 3, 4 & 5
Cotton balls (2 bags)
Hair Dryer
Big Round Brush
Straight Brush
Round Brush I hate
Small Round Brush
Diffusers (2)
Various Compacts
Bag with eyeliners (10), mascara (1), nail file, cutical clipper, nail clipper (1), eye pencil sharpeners (2), perfumes (3).

Medicine Cabinet:
6 eye shadows (yes, I sucame last year)
Makeup brushes
Foundation (3)
Eye glasses I don't wear anymore
Floride Rinse

Top of Toilet:
Basket with 6 different kinds of body wash that I will use someday plus a few bath salts and lotions.

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There's a half full bottle of Jack in my bathroom - no joke.


Strained coccyx etc etc
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i have an autographed pic of eddy merckx above my sink and an 8x10 of my dawg above the terlet.

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ever heard an Englishman say "Excuse me, can I have a nutter butter?" (the cookie)

sounds like "scuse me might I have a nutta butta?"(the nutta butta sounds cool)

here comes trouble
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KenB said:
Nut butter?
It's like shea butter but it smells better.

Misfit Toy
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Basis Soap
Origins Pomegranete Wash
Organic's Tea Tree and Blue Cypress Shampoo
Organic's Lemon Grass and Clary Sage conditioner
Skintimate Shaving Gel
Foot/Toe scrubber brush/pumice combo
Origins Modern Friction

Cabinet and Makeup - I'm a bit of a makeup wh*re, I love buying the stuff, even if all I wear is mineral powder and mascara....:rolleyes: Makeup lives in my bedroom in a drawer. That's also where all the nail frou-frou, feet's creams etc. live.

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I'm not sure why I'm responding, since I'm a guy...But I'm married to a woman with her OWN bathroom, so here goes:

Shave gel
Lots of condoms. Lots.

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Jeez, I don't have anywhere near as much as all you folks.

Shampoo and conditioner
soap (of course)
face cleanser
Shave cream
hand lotion
night cream
contact lens stuff
other misc stuff...

bandaids, bactine and motrin...

Hey, I may not have much when it comes to the counter but I'll bet I have more mildew in my shower than anybody else... :eek:

Paint, Burt's Bee's foot cream will make your feets think they died and got reborned as baby's feets. :p

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I don't know if I really want to think about all the stuff I have, but here goes:

Two face scrubs
Dove Moisturizing Body Wash
Volume Shampoo
Smooth Shampoo
Smooth Conditioner
Aloe/Herb Deep Conditioner
Color Deep Conditioner
In Shower Lotion

Anti-Frizz Serum
Anti-Frizz Spray
Hair Spray
Anti-Frizz Cream (notice a trend here)
Lubriderm Sensitive Skin (told to get this one for my tatts, and got addicted to it)
Dove Energy Glow
Badger After Sun Balm
Joshua Tree Climbing Balm (awesome for when you get little cuts in your hands from climbing)
Various Clinique lotions and makeup products, most of which are rarely used
Baby powder

Lots of Neosporin, Iodine, and BandAids around our house as we both climb and my husband mountain bikes a lot.

God this is scary.

here comes trouble
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Man Sogno, I forgot about the hand lotion. I have a whole treatment system for hands, but that stays in the vanity in my room. Add 3 more products to the list.

And I have a weak spot for perfume. 16, 6 that I restock on a regular basis.

Also, I like shoes and purses. But this stuff doesn't rule my life, I swear. :(

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paint said:
And I have a weak spot for perfume. 16, 6 that I restock on a regular basis.

Also, I like shoes and purses. But this stuff doesn't rule my life, I swear. :(
I only have one perfume it's Hermes. Erm and yes Ken, it's in the bathroom. :eek:

My husband has a 30 year old bottle of Chanel no. 5 For Men in the bathroom cabinet. I was at the Chanel counter at the Macy's a couple of weeks ago and asked the girl there if she knew if Chanel no.5 was still being made for men. She looked at me strangely and said no. Now that I think of it, the stuff prolly hasn't been made since she was borned.

I like shoes and purses too but the ones I like are waay too expensive to buy so I'm safe there. Sadly deprived and madly depraved, but safe.

here comes trouble
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Okay, I have to fess up - it's only 10 perfumes.

Romance - Ralph Lauren
Embrace Today - Mary Kay
Spirit Fix - Skinmarket (lots of ginger)
Very Sexy - Victoria's Secret
Green Tea - Elizabeth Arden
Warm Vanilla Sugar - Bath and Body Works
Journey - Mary Kay
Heaven - Gap
Halppy - Clinique
Pink - Lacoste

And I ordered this stuff that's pheremone based so it smells different on every woman. Mine smells really really sweet. My best friend smells very spicy. And one girl in the room smelled like Pine Sol, no lie.

Lord help me if I start cataloguing everything else I use on a regular basis (nail stuff, and any other extras...). :rolleyes:
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