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These photos are from a little while back but I've now got some time to kill so...

Getting in some kms ready for our aborted tandem ride My GF and I decided to go round lake Lemans. It's 180 kms or so, so we figured on two days with a stop in a youth hostel in Montreux.
This is leaving
View attachment 97427
I got the lighter bike and the lighter child (2 1/2 yr old Ben) :) but... the trailer with bags:(
View attachment 97428
The forecast said storms for the evening so we figured with the trailer we could put the kids in out of the rain and wear the backpacks if necessary.
View attachment 97429
We went past the world Meteorological organisation building on the way into Geneva
View attachment 97430
This is part of the accident prevention scheme. It says "wear a helmet, or pray"
View attachment 97432
View attachment 97431
There are parks and cycleable paths along alot of Geneva lakefront
View attachment 97433
This is looking up the lake where we were headed
View attachment 97434
This is looking down the lake to Geneva with the water spout "jet d'eau" and the Saleve mountain in the background, which is a killer climb I have yet to do
View attachment 97436
This the bridge across the river/lake in Geneva
View attachment 97437
View attachment 97438
The paddle steamers and the "jet d'eau"
View attachment 97439
View attachment 97440
The fire fighter's "portacabin" down by the lake
View attachment 97441
The solar powered boats that operate across the lake in Geneva that are made by "Decision", the same company that built the hulls for Alinghi's Americas Cup winning boats.

View attachment 97442
And again the jet d'eau :)

View attachment 97443
View attachment 97444
The bike path continues along the lake to....
View attachment 97446
Alinghi's yacht club
With some beautiful boats around
View attachment 97447
We continued along up away from the lake (mmm pretzle sticks)
View attachment 97450
to the Swiss French border.
View attachment 97451
I don't want to sound like a snob or anything but the road quality just goes out the window when you cross into France:(
I find that if you ride in the track on the road that the car's right hand wheels do it's a lot smoother... but with a 2 wheel trailer...:(

My kids have quite a taste for sports drink
View attachment 97453
View attachment 97454
I read later on a powerade bottle "not recommended for children"

View attachment 97456
Storms have done alot of damage to the fields around here

View attachment 97457
mmm... more pretzle sticks

we saw a postman on one of those bikes that MB1 likes, but I had put the camera away to save batteries so I only got a rear view
View attachment 97460

But we went past the post office later and there was one outside :)
View attachment 97461
View attachment 97462

Ben had had it... View attachment 97463
View attachment 97464

So we stopped for lunch just outside Thonon

View attachment 97466
View attachment 97467
Sorry I was too hungry to get a photo of my whole steak:D

We then carried on through Thonon past a bike shop that always amazes me but I'll have to continue tomorrow. Time for a pain killer and bed :)

Have a nice day
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Nice pics!

At the first lunch pic I was thinking, "That looks like any generic American diner..."

Then I saw the second pic, and I see that apparently that was the point. What is it with kids and chicken nuggets? Some things are truly universal :)

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undies said:
Nice pics!

At the first lunch pic I was thinking, "That looks like any generic American diner..."

Then I saw the second pic, and I see that apparently that was the point. What is it with kids and chicken nuggets? Some things are truly universal :)
Yeah you're right about the diner. It's part of a chain called "Buffalo Grill" that are all over France. You'd think you were in the States except for the tiny steaks.:D

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The bike shop

I go past this place every time I bike round the lake and am always amazed that it's still there. View attachment 97538
View attachment 97539
View attachment 97540
Their stock always seems to be the same. It's like the place is in a time warp.
(except the roof of the building its in)
View attachment 97541
We continued through Thonon and tried to get off the main road
View attachment 97544
View attachment 97545
View attachment 97546
But we ended up exploring the delta of the river Dranse with no through road
View attachment 97547
Ben thought it was funny
View attachment 97548
Emma was pretty much asleep
View attachment 97549
But we found a bridge eventualy
View attachment 97551
And then went passed the Evian bottling plant (Ididn't quite manage to get the sign which is behind the traffic sign View attachment 97552
And got back along the lake-side into Evian
View attachment 97553
which is about the widest part of the lake
View attachment 97554
Dried mangos mmmm...
View attachment 97555
View attachment 97556
The casino in Evian
(the ultimate destination of quite a few petro-dollars from the Arabian gulf :D )
View attachment 97557
We continued along the lake road
View attachment 97558
View attachment 97559
as the storm clouds got more and more threatening
View attachment 97560
View attachment 97561
and the mountains started to close in on the side of the lake as we got closer to the delta of the river Rhone
View attachment 97562
View attachment 97563
View attachment 97564
Ben was quite happy to have water poured over him to cool off
View attachment 97565
View attachment 97566

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Great photos. Looks like a happy family. Was this before or after the broken collarbone? I'm guessing before because I don't see a butterfly splint under your shirt, and I can't imagine hauling a kid -- let alone riding -- with a broken collarbone.

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We got to the border

French-Swiss this time, and it was like riding on a magic carpet on the swiss tarmac again.
View attachment 97681
Across some rail tracks with warning signs you just can not miss

View attachment 97682
View attachment 97683

And a sign for a music festival that killed me to miss
View attachment 97684

We got down off the main road to the delta and onto some nice MUTs
View attachment 97686

View attachment 97687

View attachment 97688

View attachment 97689
and past the water attraction parc that the kids recognised and wanted to stop at..
"next time" View attachment 97690

The donkeys and llamas distracted them soon enough
View attachment 97691

Then over the bridge to the woods on the delta

View attachment 97692
View attachment 97693
View attachment 97694
View attachment 97695
View attachment 97696
View attachment 97697
View attachment 97698
View attachment 97699
View attachment 97700

Then back out on the road pretty near to our stop for the night
View attachment 97702
View attachment 97703
View attachment 97704
View attachment 97705
View attachment 97706
View attachment 97707
Apparently the island with the 3 or 4 trees on it was given to the queen of England
I wonder if she could build a high-rise on it :D
View attachment 97708
View attachment 97709
View attachment 97710

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Boy would I have fun exploring all that area. I love where I live (the Sierras in Nevada US) but it's not all that easy to plan out routes due to dangerous traffic conditions (heavy summer traffic) around here in the mountains right now. I get good rides in, but it's hard to find new areas to explore and photograph. Great stuff!

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A nice outing and an excellent photo collection. I visited Lake Geneva for the first time just a few weeks ago. I didn't see it this extensively, probably covered 70% of the shore, and sadly I was not on a bicycle. People may be wondering why you took so many shots of the Jet d'Eau, which looks like any ordinary fountain in a photo. It is in fact the king of all water fountains. Water leaves the nozzle at 120 mph and reaches something like 400-500 feet in height -- hypnotizing to watch. You can even walk out the jetty and within twenty feet of the nozzle if you want to get drenched.

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AllUpHill said:
People may be wondering why you took so many shots of the Jet d'Eau, which looks like any ordinary fountain in a photo.
I'll haveto try again to do it justice. :D

You should bring or rent a bike next time, n'fact let me know when, n I'll lend you one if it'll fit

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Thanks :) Ridgetop
I must say working the odd shifts that I do helps with the traffic. This was in the middle of the week if i remember correctly, which helps, (just the rush hour to contend with)
Sounds like you should/could be mountain biking :)

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That's the chateau de Chillon

that you can see in the distance and was the next thing we went past
View attachment 97780

View attachment 97781

View attachment 97782

View attachment 97783

View attachment 97784

View attachment 97785

View attachment 97786

The sun was on the way down as we got to Montreux

View attachment 97787

View attachment 97788

View attachment 97789

View attachment 97790

View attachment 97791

The youth hostel was the first thing we saw on the way into town
and it had a bike lock-up! Bonus

View attachment 97793

Montreux has quite a musical aura to it, with the jazz festival'n all
There is a statue of Freddie Mercury

View attachment 97794

and a monument to Deep Purple

View attachment 97795

That was more impressive when the sun went down :D

View attachment 97796

We went into town for dinner before bed

View attachment 97797

View attachment 97798

View attachment 97799

View attachment 97800

View attachment 97801

When we got back there was a pretty flashy bike in the hostel's bike lock-up

View attachment 97802

View attachment 97803

View attachment 97804

I guess the rider was travelling light on that!

Then up to bed

View attachment 97806

View attachment 97807
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