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I just got back from riding the Lake Mineral Wells State Trail.

The trail starts in Weatherford, TX and proceeds 20 miles west to Mineral Wells, TX

Including a few detours, I ended up right at 50 miles.. The trail surface is smooth crushed limestone and was an easy ride on a road bike with 25c tires...

I really like riding in and around small town Texas....

Here a a few pics of today's ride

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My first trip ever outside the east coast was to visit my brother-in-law and sister in Mineral Wells. He was stationed at Fort Wolters going through primary helicopter training there. I think I was 13 and I rode around the base. They took me to Six Flags, too.

Creaky had some neat pics of the Mineral Wells hotel a few weeks back.

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Wish we had a trail system like that out here. Nice.
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