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rusty4x said:
I read this article on I guess Lance won his two time trials in the 2000 tour on a Litespeed Blade. I guess it was a litespeed with trek decals on it, makes me wonder how often this happens. Old news, but i thought it was kinda funny.

Here's the link:

It was actually in 1999 when he won all 3 Tdf TT stages on a Blade. See pics:

In 2000 though he did indeed ride a Trek.



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I will find the link, or the info, but Richard Virenque won the Polka-Dot Jersey on a Litespeed when he was with Festina. It was rebadged as a Peugeot. There were other companies (late '90s, early '00s) where this happened as well.

Here's a link, just read the last paragraph. It is also somewhere on, but I can't find the link:
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