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Spunout said:
Looks like 1985 Shimano-Aero Groupo.

<img src="">
Yup, it's a Shimano Dura Ace AX brakeset. The AX series components were the first attempt at 'aero' stuff. Made in 81~83 it never really caught on, but set the mark for trying something new. It was odd-looking at the time, but beautifully designed. You can see some examples here:

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Man! those cranks look funny without the new ring!

kevinacohn said:
I think the crank and brakes are part of his training system... helps measure wattage or something. Can't imagine what the brakes would be doing, though...
LA's running normal D/A rings on his TT machine and they make that crank look ridiculous.

I'll stick with my 9sp versions for the time being thanks.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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