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Largest size of steel frame Lemond Buenos Aires available?

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I have a yellow Lemond Buenos Aires I bought in the early 2000's that measures about 63 cm. Does anyone know if this was the largest size Lemond made? I am 6'6" and recall asking for the tallest bike available at the time and was sold this one. If anyone knows this bike I would appreciate your insight. Thanks.
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Yes, that was the tallest size offered. If you feel you need a taller bike, you shouldn't muck about trying to get stock frames to fit. A properly fitting frame quickly makes you ask why you waited so long to go custom.

May I recommend Gunnar Cycles for a quality, budget custom frame that can be built to fit you. You can try their fit tool which I've linked to, or surf their web site to see how to go about ordering a custom. I helped size a tall cyclist for a custon Gunnar. The end product fit perfect.

If you're willing to pay more, then Lennard Zinn at Zinn Cycles is your man. He's 6'6" too and knows hot to fit tall guys.
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