Quality Bicycle Products, the USA distributor for Lazer Sport bicycle helmets, reports sales up nearly 85% in 2010 from the previous fiscal year. Michael Pederson, Lazer US Brand Manager at QBP, stated: "The Rollsys® retention system really opened the door for Lazer in the USA five years ago in bringing dealers attention to the innovation and quality of the product. Now that Lazer has a full selection of helmets from youth, sport, MTB and road it's making it much easier for dealers to consider bringing the Lazer brand into their store. A number of our dealers have actually dropped all other brands from their shop and are stocking Lazer helmets exclusively. We expect Lazer sales to continue to be strong and for this sales trend to continue."

Lazer Sport head helmeteer Sean Van Waes continued: "We are really happy with the job that QBP has done to develop the Lazer dealer network in the United States. Their ability to forecast product demand, to keep product in stock and available for their dealers, and their level of market penetration makes QBP the ideal partner to help us continue to grow our business in the US market. I am excited about our future as Lazer has some new game changing products and unique patents tailored for the needs of the new global trends and markets."

Quality Bicycle Products has been Lazer's exclusive distributor in the United States since 2003. QBP does business with over 80% of bicycle dealers in the USA and employs cutting edge distribution technology with the goal of continuing to provide an outstanding level of service to its customers. More information can be found at www.qbp.com

Lazer has been manufacturing helmets since 1919 and its products are distributed worldwide. Lazer objective has been to find an excellent synergy between design, comfort and technology. The exclusive Rollsys® retention system is a perfect example and Lazer will continue to bring innovation to market in 2011 with the new Oasiz "all mountain helmet". More information can be found at www.lazersport.com