The Kelly Benefit Strategies OptumHealth professional cycling team had a secret weapon for the May 20 stage 6 time trial at the 2011 Tour of California, the Lazer Aeroshell! The Aeroshell is now available for the Lazer Tardiz aero helmet.

The Aeroshell is a plastic cover, designed to fit perfectly over a Lazer helmet. On Lazer road helmets the Aeroshell snaps into place and protects the riders head from wind and rain while still allowing for some air movement under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. The Aeroshell is unique in that it is easily removed from the Lazer helmet when riding conditions are such that additional ventilation is desired.

Now, for short duration road time trials or velodrome events, it is possible to increase the aerodynamic benefit of the Lazer Tardiz helmet by sealing off airflow through the front vents while still allowing access to the Rollsys retention adjustment and the Aquavent water cooling port.

The Aeroshell is another great innovation from Lazer Sport, designed to give riders the ability to customize their helmet for their individual performance goal. The Aeroshell is a patented design exclusively available for Lazer helmets and is available now!

Lazer has been manufacturing helmets since 1919 and its products are distributed worldwide. Lazer objective has been to find an excellent synergy between safety, design, comfort and technology. The exclusive Rollsys® retention system is a perfect example and Lazer will continue to bring innovations to market in 2011 and beyond. More information can be found at