For the 2013 model year, Lazer will be making some running changes to their flagship Helium road helmet. To lighten up the helmet, Lazer will be reverting back to a traditional quick release buckle system and moving away with the magnetic sliding buckle. On the fit side of things, the 2013 Helium will feature a new rear adjustable rolsys mechanism. The new adjustments will allow riders to adjust where the Rollsys basket touches the back of their head in order to improve comfort and feeling of security. The Rollsys cables also get an upgrade, they will now feature a new lining that is said to improve the smoothness of operation when adjusting fit using the dial.

Also new to the 2013 Helium is what Lazer is calling their AquaPad, a gel pad which sits at the front of the helmet will help eliminate hot spots on a riders forehead by better distributing the load of retention across their forehead. The pad won't absorb any sweat from a riders head, but has channels that will direct sweat out of the way of a riders eyes. The 2013 Helium will also be one of the first helmets to feature Lazer's new Rollsys LED Taillight. Just like the name suggest, it's an LED light built into the Rollsys dial that will function as a taillight. It will come standard on Heliums as well as Lazer's entry level adult helmet the Neon. A kit to retrofit previous model year Heliums will be available from Lazer dealers this fall for $19.99.

Last year, Lazer debuted their Magneto prototype at PressCamp. Since then, they've made small revisions to the orignal design, and have begun shipping them to retailers. The Magnetos are now designed to fit onto any helmet, via removable clips that attach to the helmet straps. The Magnetos are currently offered in two different types of photochromatic lenses, as well as kits with dark/clear/and amber lenses. Realizing that sometimes riders will remove their glasses as conditions change during a ride, Lazer have come up with the Mag Dock. An attachment with magnets that sit on top of your helmet and offer a place to store your lense. Though the Mag Dock is engineered to fit onto Lazer's own helmets, the docks should also fit on virtually any helmet. The Mag Docks will start shipping with new Magneto purchases going forward, but for those early adopters, who are already using the system, the docks can be had for just $7.50.

Lazer's eyewear line, introduced last year, has been receiving favorable feedback from customers and sponsored riders alike. "The feedback we've been getting from sponsored riders regarding the optics has been really great." commented Chris Smith of Lazer Sport, "The quality of our optics is as good as anything you can get out there."

For a full list of Lazer's eyewear lineup check out their website here.

Chris from Lazer Sport shows us some new features coming to Lazer Helmets...
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