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this is from French TV5 website, translation by bablefish.........

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Leblanc: "No tolerance"

30/06/2006 21h35

For her last Turn of France in the capacity as delegated general manager, Jean-Marie Leblanc did not think of living such an animated before-race. The former sports correspondent however entrusts his relief at the end of this particular day of Friday which made the beautiful share with the fight anti-doping. The exclusion of the runners implied in the Fuentes business, whose Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, two applicants with the succesion of Lance Armstrong, are for him a good news for the French Turn and runners.

Leblanc is relieved.
Leblanc is relieved.
Are Jean-Marie, which your feelings at the end of this a little particular day for the Turn?
A feeling of relief prevails. I make a point of greeting the courage of the formation T-Mobile which the document, upon reading transmitted by the direction of the Turn, took the first the decision to exclude Jan Ullrich and Oscar Sevilla. They did not weaken, it should be underlined. Then, the association of the sporting directors decided with the unanimity to suspend the runners quoted in this business. And I have just learned (Friday evening, note) that Astana-Würth would not be presented at the beginning of the Turn Saturday. It is a weight, a large cover of lead which escapes. Then, yes, I am relieved.

Aren't these decisions, which draw aside two favourites with the succession of Lance Armstrong, likely to weaken the race?
Not It is true that they were two logical favourites. Two runners with a strong personality able to be essential. But, since they are implied in this business, in this gangster system, they do not have more anything to make there. There cannot be tolerance. One cannot make distinction between the small ones and the large runners.

Can these events help the French to be released?
I think. That made of the years that the French were tétanisés, that they nourissaient a complex of inferiority compared to the foreign runners because they included/understood what still occurred in the other formations. These decisions perhaps will release them, push them to carry out the large ones and beautiful things on this Lathe.

From a point of view a little more personal, this Turn 2006 is your last. How do you apprehend it after all these events extra-sportsmen?
I am missionné with the service of the Turn. My states of heart do not have anything to make in this history. It is my job to react to these events and to face there. Now, like everyone present here, I feel relieved. For the remainder, I am perfectly serene, trustful. The continuation is well assumed. I would be happy to attend a released Turn, aired, pimpant. I hope that a beautiful champion will assert himself in Paris. It would be a good manners to draw my reverence with the Turn.
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