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mtnbikenc1979 said:
Remember I'm only 2 months into road biking. I've noticed that after every ride that is longer than an hour my legs burn for hours after. My quads and hamstrings feel like they are on fire. Am I doing something wrong on the bike or is it something that my legs are going to have to get use to? BTW I finally got my average speed up on one of my normal routes. Went from 14 mph to 17 mph with lots of hills. WooHoo!!!.....Justin :D
How much water are you taking in? Make sure you stay hydrated and stretch to cool down after the ride. I suspect that you may be coming in after a ride and sitting down and relaxing. You need to drink a couple of cups of water and stretch out. I often go for a short walk around the block to relax my legs.

Congrats on the increase...maybe you are pushing too hard too fast.
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