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Anyone know where to get the full details on the geometry of this bike? I think it's like a 2001-2004 maybe. Glittery blue with yellow panels, 853 sticker, sold with ultegra 9 speed. Mine is a 59, but I would like to know more about the angles, drop, etc...



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They used to have the old bikes online but it looks like the links have been taken down.

Here are the numbers I have from the 2003 catalog.

seat tube 59 cm c to c
top tube 59
head angle 74
seat angle 72.5
fork rake 43
chainstay 418
wheelbase 1007
bottom bracket drop 68
crank 175
stem 120
stand over 844
heat tube 175

Interesting to note the 2006 Trek Madone 63 cm has nearly the same geometry.

If your bike is an all steel frame than it is probably a 2002 model (from my memory of the year the Zurich was blue). 2003 was the last year of LeMond Zurich's steel frame (black with red graphics) before they went to the spine design in 2004 and the geometry changed to be more of a compact style (which was also blue for Zurich if I remember correctly).
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