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french text here ...

translation by bablefish, little awkward, but readable.......

The actu of the Turn
Riis faces
Lavenu: "All is not regulated"
Fifteen legends
Great cleaning

The last 10 winners
2005: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
2004: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
2003: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
2002: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
2001: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
2000: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
1999: Lance Armstrong (the USA)
1998: Marco Pantani (ITA)
1997: Jan Ullrich (ALL)
1996: Bjarne Riis (DaN)

The last 10 French winners
1985: Bernard Hinault
1984: Laurent Fignon
1983: Laurent Fignon
1982: Bernard Hinault
1981: Bernard Hinault
1979: Bernard Hinault
1978: Bernard Hinault
1977: Bernard Thévenet
1975: Bernard Thévenet
1967: Roger Pingeon

By Stephan BITTON

One knows already the first winner of the edition 2006 of the Turn of France. It is the Turn itself! Confronted a few hours before its departure of Strasbourg, via Spain this time, for a news and important business of doping, it was necessary for him to be sacrément solid to resist the tsunami generated by the storm of these 48 last hours. And, when the first runner springs, Saturday, to dispute the prologue, the Turn of France will have gained. Its winner will become about it "almost" anecdotic.

A place to be taken
Since the advertisement of the departure to the retirement of Lance Armstrong , prize winner of the seven last editions, the succession of the American appeared, for the greatest joy of all, most open. And since the day before of the departure in Strasbourg, it is the great vacuum. Better even, of the ten runners likely to register their name with the prize list, four are already with the carpet before to have carried out the first blows of pedal. And not of least. The favourite number one, the German Jan Ullrich (T-Mobile), last winner in activity, the Italian Ivan Basso (TEAM CSC) which crushed Giro 2006 as well as the Spaniards Sevilla Oscar, fellow-member of Ullrich and better young person 2001, and Francisco Mancebo (AG2R), white shirt in 2000 and five times in Signal 10. All were seen drawn aside of the race by their respective team. As for the Spaniards of Astana and their Kazakh leader Alexandre Vinokourov, they will not be at the beginning. A topicality which has what to discourage most optimistic of those which dreamed to see, finally, a Tour truth of France of... the revival.

In this No man' S Land of the possible winners thus remain Floyd Landis (Phonak), old protected from Armstrong and the 9th year spent, Alejandro Valverde (Savings bank), twice vice-champion of the world, and persuaded that, the race "will be gained with couil...". Discrete Discovery Channel pass through the drops and align three real applicants. George Hincapie, orphan of his friend and sevenfold victorious Armstrong, the Ukrainian Yaroslav Popovych, shirt white 2005, even Portuguais Azevedo with the increasingly complete luggage. Classified three times among the 10 first (6th in 2005, 8th in 2002 and 9th in 2004), the recent winner of Dauphiné, Levi Leipheimer (Gerolsteiner) are not any more very far from the tops. For these runners, and in the so particular context of the first steps of this edition, the way is likely to be royal for most daring.

The year of the French?
If no French runner seems in measurement to be essential on the general classification, to even go up on one of the two other steps of the podium, the avalanche of "organized fixed prices" could make it possible certain to be illustrated or dream. At their head, Christophe Moreau (AG2R), orphan of Paco Mancebo and parachuted in the urgency leader of his team. The edition of this year is, for him, probably one of the last possiblities "to make a trick in the Turn...". To a lesser extent, Sandy Casar who has just carried out "large" Giro 2006 (6th with the General) remains an interrogation. Can the runner of the Frenchwoman of the Plays republish such an exploit later one month? For its part does, David Moncoutié (Cofidis) claim to aim only victories of stage, and if it could better do?

Promotional bonds

© The TEAM 24/24 - 2005 - all rights reserved
Appropriations photographs: The Team/AFP/Reuters

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So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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"Can the runner of the Frenchwoman of the Plays republish such an exploit later one month?"

That's the one that got me. Sounds exiting.

The French evidently don't see much hope for the French either.

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