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Sure you can, as long as you're willing to go with specifically what they're offering. They're getting a volume discount you don't get as an average consumer. So you're almost certainly going to pay more.

What stops me from doing it is a) the wheelsets are often very low end, as are the other build components and b) I don't feel like taking the time to strip something down in order to build something up.

Add to that the fact that I'm more than likely going to need a different front derailleur (unless the cheap bike tube size is the same as the target bike) and a new set of cables (unless I'm lucky enough for them to be exactly the correct length) and bar tape, since it's really hard to re-use that if you have to strip it off to replace the cables plus the decision to ride lower quality stems, cranks, posts, saddles and forks and in the end I'd be left with a bike that would not be spec'd the to level I normally prefer.

All to save a few hundred bucks.

If you're going to buy one, just ride the cheap frame it comes with because chances are it won't ride much worse than the more expensive frame you're moving the cheap stuff over to.
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