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Well, just picked up our new to us tandem. Yaaaaayyyy!
I already went from hero to zero four miles into our first ride. Booooooooo!

We got a flat. No big deal as I had a tube... but, the rims were deeper V than I'm used to so the valve stem on my tube wasn't long enough. AND, I haven't carried patch kits in 20 years of biking single bikes, preferring to carry entire tubes. So we had to walk the 4 miles home.

So, to you new tandem owners, try to contain your excitement enough before your first ride to make sure the tube you've always carried will work okay for your tandem rims. Also, throw a patch kit in your bag. And don't choose the most desolate roads for your first test ride. I think we rigged the punctured tube enough for me to ride home by myself (less weight on the rear tire), but our route was so desolate that there was no place for her to wait for me to come back in a car.

For anyone interested- I think the rim tape had moved just enough to expose a spoke hole to the tube. Plus, the tube was sized up to a 25c tire, but we had the stock 28c tires on it, which probably didn't help the tube withstand that spoke hole. I used the folded-dollar-bill trick to cover the exposed spoke hole. Dear stoker had the good idea to tear off some of the vinyl tape that finishes the bar tape and wrap the tube where the puncture was. That kind of worked, but not enough for our 320 lbs. But at least those tricks worked well enough to roll it without hurting the rim. Not to mention it rolled a lot easier than with a completely flat tire.
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