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Let's see your Bianchi!!

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Let's see some rides.

This is my 2002 XL EV2. It originally came with a Record/Chorus mix as stock. It has Record crankset, rear derailleur, chain and carbon levers/shifters. It has Chorus calipers, 12-25 cassette, pro fit pedals and front derailleur. I replaced the pain-in-the-ass Bianchi Titanium seat post with a fantastic Campy Chorus Titanium post from 2002. I also replaced the ugly Pantani seat with a Fizik Arione and the Levitation wheels with some new Campagnolo Protons. The rubber is Continental's slick Attack/Force combo. The bars and stem are ITM Millenium.

The color scheme is a gorgeous Celeste Olympic Paint scheme that has held up remarkably well with very few marks of any kind.
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my bianchi...almost perfect(for me)

I have always wanted to build a custom Bianchi, am not an extreemly avid cyclist...but do use it for my main transportation, so ride alot. since building my bike I have added a cyclometer so I can start a training routine and get more serious. the frame is a Bianchi Daytona 2001, alluminum LT frame with carbon fiber fork, components are campagnolo chorus 10 spd with record rear hub (japanese sealed...but very smooth front hub). sewup rims with tufo road elite tires, easton attack aero bars. seatpost is generic, carbon fiber. seat is sella san marcos titanium rail.only components I need to upgrade to complete it are the rims (want semi-aero front, aero rear) and upgrading the brakes (generic but good quality now).

hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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I did alot of research before finding the right tires. ended up with tufo road elite. they hold up amazingly well, handle as much air as you could put in them, and ride fairly well(above average) only problem is the tires are not as grippy as some of the others I tried, but the endurance they have more than makes up for it...being my "transportation" dependability at a slight sacrifice to performance is an acceptible compromise. as for dropping the chain, have not had a problem with it at all...I have a short cage rear derailleur with 12-25 gearing, being in Louisiana the ground is as flat as paris hilton, so I never used the maller chainrings on the front...decided to take them off and save the little weight (and looks alot smoother).
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