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Anyone planning on doing this event?

I've ridden a lot of these routes and it's excellent riding territory. If the weather is good this event should be way better (safer, more interesting route, better serviced, fewer Geeks) than the STP.

I did a similar 12 hour Ultra last season (the Ring of Fire TT) and it was surprisingly fun...Despite climbing around 15K' and some high 90f temps.

I understand the Lewis and Clark is organized along the same lines and is part of an "Ultra" Series of 3 long races over the season. At the ROF TT last year there were quite a few riders who were not really trying to be competitive but just taking advantage of a fully supported and organized ride around some great back roads near Mt. Hood and Maupin.

12 hrs on a bike...that is a long time..but with some training it's doable and you don't have to be watching out for 3000 (or whatever) other sketchy riders and freeway traffic all day.

Don Hanson
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