Norridge, Illinois - Silver is so last century. Through Lexco, you can now get world famous Sugino cranks, chainrings, sprockets, dust caps and other Sugino parts in a variety of colors. Of course, if you just have to have silver, Lexco and Sugino can accommodate.

Lexco is carrying numerous Sugino crank sets. The cranks are cold forged, anodized, and constructed to exacting standards. They are quite beautiful, as well. Included are:

- Track Cranks
  • Messenger RD2 - comes in gold, black, blue, red, gun metal and silver
  • Sugino 75 - gold, black, purple, red and blue
- Keirin Track Cranks
  • Grand Mighty
  • Sugino 75
- Sugino ZEN Messenger

And what would cranks be without chainrings. Sugino chainrings are CNC machined so they perfectly match the cranks and feature a special hard-plating. The Sugino chainrings include:
  • SSG144 - in colors of silver, gun metal, black, purple, blue, pink and red, to match the Sugino 75 cranks
  • Zen144 - to partner with the Zen Messenger cranks, in gold, black, red, purple and blue
  • PJ 130 - 42T, 44T, 46T 48 tooth chainrings to team with the Messenger cranks, in silver, black, blue, red, green and gold
For "fixies" Sugino features new Fixie Cogs in 16T, 17T and 18 tooth rings. Colors include silver, black red and blue.

Other Sugino parts carried by Lexco include bottom brackets, crank dust caps, seat post clamp bolts, and chainring fixing bolts and nuts (in silver, gold, black, blue and red).

"Sugino has limited distribution in the U.S. and we are proud that the company has chosen Lexco as one of its select distributors," says Karen Peterson of Lexco. "Sugino cranks, chainrings and bottom brackets are known the world over for their quality and durability, and the company's attention to detail is legendary. Dealers can now turn to Lexco and Sugino for replacement drivechain components and parts."

Says Yuki Iwai of Sugino: "We appreciate Lexco's support and look forward to continued good business relationship with the company and it's employees."