Lezyne Micro GPS

Editor's Note: This article is courtesy of the team at Art's Cyclery and was written by Trevor Roland. The original post can be found here.

What is it

In specific regard to electronics, we live in quite a time. You can blindly point to any GPS on the shelf and you'll likely have full wireless functionality, app support, and good runtimes. Case and point: Lezyne's Micro GPS. It offers ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility, 14 hours of runtime, super accurate (barometric, accelerometer, and GPS) data tracking, customizable layouts, and data notifications that include live tracking, turn-by-turn navigation, and phone notifications.

Lezyne Micro GPS


  • Compact
  • Great price
  • Connects and tracks everything under the sun


  • Clunky interface
  • Not the best looking GPS

Lezyne Micro GPS


First and foremost, I loved its compact size. Though not a selling feature for most folks, I ride with a computer to data track and am not very invested in checking texts, navigation, and STRAVA segments while riding. Having said that, I loved the customizability of the screen because it allowed me to see my most valued metrics easily and quickly while riding.

The GPS paired quickly and easily to my iPhone, heartrate monitor, and cadence sensors. Post-ride, all of my ride data was wirelessly transferred to Lezyne's GPS app and then auto-synced to STRAVA. One-step ride processing!

Lezyne Micro GPS

For Premium Strava members and those wanting to be connected while riding, the Micro GPS alerted me before coming up to any of my Starred Segments. And should you be headed out for a preplanned epic ride, you can load the route into your GPS and get turn-by-turn navigation.

For those not wanting to go Strava Premium, but are interested in analytics, a real perk of going with a Lezyne GPS is their comprehensive GPS Root program. It offers in-depth ride analytics and is free to use.

Lezyne Micro GPS

Our Take

This computer is perfect for those who are more focused on "utility." I say this because it's not as good looking as, say, a Garmin 510. And on top of looks, the interface is a little clunky compared to most other modern electronics. Is it still easy to use and wicked functional? Absolutely. Price is the real defining factor in Lezyne's Micro GPS.

Lezyne Micro GPS

Feature-wise, Garmin's Edge 510 and Lezyne's Micro offer the same things, but where Garmin might win in the looks and interface department, Lezyne cleans house in the price category.

Product Details

Key Features: Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, Full wireless connectivity and notifications, Ultra-accurate GLONASS, accelerometer, and barometric data gathering, Navigation, live tracking, and Strava segments
Price: $130
More Info: www.lezyne.com