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Old, slow, and fat.
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ridewt said:
I've got an old school Mavic GEL 280 36 hole and want to build it up. I've got an old school campy record 36 hole already laced to a never used Campy Victory Strada. I was thinking of maybe just switching rims (I think the Campy Rim is probably around 400 grams - that's just a guess though) to have a light front race wheel but then figured maybe I'll get a newer, very light front hub --- and just sell the other wheel. Any recommendations? What spokes would you use - I guess I can get away with light stuff on a front wheel and 36 hole should make it plenty strong. FWIW - I'm 6' 3" and about 183 pounds.
I was going to tell you that you're probably better off running this as a front wheel, but you've already figured that one out...

If you want light, go Record/Dura Ace. If you're looking for an older Campy hubset, check out

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