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This is The Taz, a new line of bike lights from Light & Motion launched earlier this summer. The Taz is a self contained, dual purpose light that Light & Motion dubs a "Crossover" light. Designed to play double duty as both your urban commuting light, but powerful enough to meet the unique needs of the trail rider. The Taz features a custom designed reflector and lens that optimizes three CREE LEDs. Two spot beams and a wide flood beam that blankets the road in front of you with light. The amber lights on the side of the light provide extra visibility while commuting on the road, but can be turned off if you're on a trail.

The Taz lineup consist of the 1200 ($299 MSRP) and the 800 ($249 MSRP), named for the amount of lumens they put out. The Taz 1200 that we have here has 5 modes - on it's high mode, the bike light will put out an impressive 1200 lumens with a run time of 90 minutes. If you bump it down to medium, you'll get 600 lumens for 3 hours. Two clicks and you're at the low setting and the light drops down to 300 lumens running for 6 hours. The two other modes include a pulsing mode and a flash mode, both at 300 lumens.

The Taz weighs in at just slightly over 200 grams and is easily mounted to your handlebar with an attached tool less mount. Two buttons on top control the 5 different light modes and 2 amber side light settings. The Taz recharges conveniently via a micro usb port found on the underbelly of the light. Charging varies depending on where you plug in the usb cable. Light & Motion sells seperately a 2AMP plug that will charge the light in 4 hours from empty. If you use a 1AMP plug, for instance your iphone charger, that will double the time to 8 hours to full charge. If you really had to, using your computer USB port, which only puts out half an amp, the time to completely full jumps to 14 hours. Suffice to say, we recommend getting the 2AMP charger or making use of your existing iPad charger if you have one.

Beam Pattern Shots
Light and Motion Taz 1200

Light and Motion Taz 1200

Light and Motion Taz 800

"This is the most complete, versatile, bike light that we have ever built," said Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion. "With each unit weigin only 216 grams and designed with a sleek, waterproof housing, the Taz series will out perform any bike light you currently own."

Our first impressions of the Taz 1200 are quite favorable. The Taz is a relatively compact light when you consider it's putting out 1200 lumens. With the in house designed reflector, the Taz makes efficient use of the three powerful CREE LEDs. The Taz puts out a broad wide flood light with two spot beams that create an overall impressive amount of light in front of the bike. Carrying over from their VIS and Urban lines are the amber side indicators that can be utilized while on the road or disabled when not needed. The housing, designed by Roxy Lo, is minimal, yet still feels solid. We're looking forward to more night rides and commutes with the Taz. We'll have complete beam tests and lumen output verification numbers soon!