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I'm looking to buy (or build) a set of light weight clincher wheels -- basically climbing wheels. I know tubulars are lighter than clinchers, but after weighing the pros and cons and evaluating my situation, the simple fact of the matter is that clinchers just make more sense for me.

Some of you might have seen my earlier thread regarding the American Classic Magnesium clincher wheels. After searching high and low and making more calls than I care to count, it looks like I'm out of luck. All the wheels appear to be sold and new wheels won't be available until January 2009. I'd rather get something sooner than that.

That's lead me to the idea of having a custom set of wheels built. I spoke with one builder who recommended the following specs:

Front Rim (Edge 38mm carbon clincher, 18 holes): 400g
Rear Rim (Edge 38mm carbon clincher, 24 holes): 400g
Front Hub (M5 flanged, black, 18 holes): 33g
Rear Hub (M5 rear hub, black, 24 holes): 170g
Spokes (Sapim CX-Ray, black): 4.6 * 42 = 193g
Nipples (Black alloy): 0.35 * 42 = 15g

The total weight of the set would be 1211 grams.

With all the above information in mind, here are my questions:

1. What do you think about these specs? Anything obvious to change, especially if it might bring the weight down?
2. What do you think of the rims? I'm not attached to them by any means, but they are light. I'd love to use Zipp rims for multiple reasons, but I think they would bring the weight up too much. The 417 rims are 552 grams each, meaning the total weight would jump up by 304 grams. FYI, I really want the rims to be black, if possible.
3. How do the M5 hubs compare the to Tune hubs? Everyone seems to love the Tune hubs, but the US distributor is no longer carrying them, so they've become hard(er) to get. Do some (any) of the major wheel builders still have Tune hubs in stock?
4. Who would you recommend I have build the wheels? I've emailed a few of the most popular builders (who will remain nameless for the time being, since I have not yet received any replies), but am definitely open to any suggestions you might have.

I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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The specs look good. The weights will probably be slightly higher, due to an error factor with light weight components. Even a little extra grease on the hubs, which isn't really noticeable with heavier components, makes a proportionally larger difference with super light stuff, and could bump it up.

Other than that...
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