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I ride a Merlin Extralight which I had built almost 20 years ago. It weighs 15.8 pounds, is in exceptional condition, and has 130mm rear spacing and friction shifting. The wheels on it are Spinergy Rev-X tubulars which I love, but need to be replaced because they are 18 years old and have developed 2 miniscule cracks, which make me concerned for safety. Spinergy has a trade-in program with a deep discount on their current wheels, but they don't seem to be popular. Their Stealth FCT model weighs 1390 grams, and I can get them for $1,100 shipped.

Does anyone use the Stealth FCT or FCC wheel? Any recommendations on other wheels? I want light, aero, and around $1,500 cost (give or take).

Thanks for any help.
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