Friedrichshafen (FJ) - With immediate effect the totally renewed homepage of the German highend-wheel-brand Lightweight shows up with a new section that responds to the most asked questions about the sensational lightweight full carbon fiber wheels. The interested road biker will find answers in German, English or French for many basic questions about the Lightweight wheels in detail and the right use and treatment of full carbon fiber wheels in general. "Some years ago we started to build up an internal database with all the questions that were brought to us and we also took a lot of the experience we got in our customer service team and reflected many talks we had with end users, amateurs and pro riders at test week events and races and did a careful summary out of all this," Jürgen Kallnbach, head of marketing at Lightweight, explains. "Obviously our customer service department with Oliver Kiesel and his guys will be ready to answer all the questions quick and with all the knowledge and faith. This FAQ-list for us is a constantly growing encyclopedia that deals with the essential questions about full carbon fiber wheels. As to our high level of internationalization we decided to offer that FAQ-section as a tri-lingual download," Kallnbach remarks also.

CarbonSports was founded in 2002 by Erhard Wissler and partners. Originally the company produced and sold very high-end exclusive carbon fiber road bike and triathlon frames. In October 2003 CarbonSports took over the Lightweight brand. Heinz Obermayer, the founder of Lightweight, and another Partner are completing the board of shareholders today. Since then the production, development and sales of Lightweight products are the main objectives of CarbonSports. Lightweight wheels are sold into more than 20 countries all over the world. In the production plants in Friedrichshafen and Hailfingen in Germany more than forty families earn their income with the quality feature "Lightweight - handgefertigt in Deutschland".