Pozzoleone, Italy - Fi'zi:k's 2009 Limited Edition Team Replica saddle and tape kits are scheduled to arrive in bike shops in early May. The annual collection, in its seventh year, features the new Antares road saddle in select pro team-issue colors, as well as an exclusively designed kit-only SPLIT:TAPE. The special handlebar tape, produced specifically for the 2009 Team Replica kits, will not be sold separately in the aftermarket.

The annual release of fi'zi:k Team Replica Limited Edition saddles honors fi'zi:k's pro sponsored road teams. Color availability varies by continent and by country and is based on each pro team's country of origin as well as respective distributor stipulations. The saddles are pre-ordered, traveling from fi'zi:k's production facility in Pozzoleone, Italy to distributors worldwide where they are immediately shipped to independent bike dealers. Consumers desiring a specific saddle and tape color are encouraged to visit a fi'zi:k dealer to reserve a kit.

The 2009 Team Replica Limited Edition Saddles and Split:Tape Kit will be offered in four two-color versions of fi'zi:k's new Antares with team issue fi'zi:k logos and k:ium rails. The kits will retail for $220 dollars and include matching microtex fiber Split:Tape with team issue fi'zi:k logos. The foam padded tape is combination of two colors (matching the saddle) 'split' down the middle, that when properly wrapped features one color on the tops, and the second color on the drops. Team Replica Kits available in North America include: Team Garmin-Slipstream (white and black), Team Cofidis (white and red), Cervelo Test Team (black and red) and Team FDJeux (white and royal metal blue).

Weighing 175 grams, the new Antares saddle is the third A in fi'zi:k's high performance road category. It uses a new lightweight foam formulation (first introduced last year on the Arione CX) that is denser, less bulky, and yields a sleek, low profile. Technically, it combines features of both the Aliante and Arione. Like the Arione, the Antares' surface is flat; the length falls in between the Arione and Aliante at 274 cm; and its width replicates that of the Aliante at 142 cm thereby accommodating a wider variety of sit bone widths.