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Ms. Vonn wins the Downhill World Championship Wednesday, effectively clinching the World Cup Overall Title for the second year running. Today she follows that up with a Super G win and becomes the first American women to clinch the World Championship in that discipline. Pretty cool.

Top that off with the fact that she's really cute and I see a Wheaties Box in her future.


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cdaddy said:
I see her top off and a really cute box in her future.
You had the text in that last line out of order. Took care of it for you.

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I'm so glad this didn't end up in PG. She rocks.

From today's NY Times, prior to her winning the Super G title.

March 12, 2009
Lindsey Vonn Makes It Back-to-Back World Cup Overall Titles

For someone who loves racing the downhill, and topping speeds of 60 miles an hour on skis, it would seem to go against instinct for Lindsey Vonn to look over her shoulder.

But after winning the final World Cup downhill of the season Wednesday in Are, Sweden, to claim her second consecutive overall title in Alpine skiing, Vonn allowed herself a moment to reflect on the years of hard work that led to her success.

“I didn’t go to prom, I didn’t go to a regular high school for a year,” Vonn said in a conference call to reporters. “I sacrificed all these things for skiing.”

Vonn certainly does not regret the trade-off, now that she has become the United States’ most decorated female skier. At 24, she has a chance to become one of the sport’s greatest competitors.

Vonn has never won an Olympic medal, but she has won just about every other prize in skiing — including a dairy cow she received for a downhill victory in 2005 in Val d’Isère, France.

She returned to that French resort last month and won two gold medals at the Alpine world championships, the first American woman to do so since 1952.

She is the only United States woman to win consecutive World Cup titles; only four women have won more overall championships. And with 21 victories in Cup races, she is also rapidly approaching the United States career record. Bode Miller, the defending men’s overall champion, has 31; Phil Mahre finished his career with 27.

On Wednesday, Vonn emerged from the fog in the downhill to win in 1 minute 42.49 seconds, four-tenths of a second ahead of Maria Riesch of Germany. The victory was Vonn’s eighth in World Cup races this season. Renate Götschl of Austria, who has 46 victories and 110 podium finishes, was third in 1:43.75.

Vonn won the opening race of this season — her first World Cup slalom victory — and kept the momentum throughout the winter. The biggest threat to defending her overall title was not so much any of her competitors, but her own thumb, which she sliced on a Champagne bottle while celebrating her second gold medal at the world championships.

The injury, which required surgery, forced Vonn to wear a splint and compete with her pole taped to her hand. It was really the only hiccup in a season in which she dominated like few other female skiers have.

Along with the overall title, Vonn also received a crystal globe for winning her second straight downhill title, which she had already clinched before Wednesday.

Vonn has a chance to claim the super-G title with a strong finish Thursday; she is in second place, 15 points behind Fabienne Suter of Switzerland.

With her second overall title already secure, Vonn acknowledged that she was already looking to next season and the chance to redeem herself at the Olympics. Her horrendous crash in downhill training in 2006 at the Turin Games kept her from a chance at the medal stand. But her grit in getting back in the starting gate to race, despite being bruised, endeared her to fans.

She said that her motivation to race and to win at the Olympics was stronger than ever.

“They mean everything,” Vonn said. “The overall titles have been incredible, and they’re something you work extremely hard for. But the Olympics are very special.”

She added, “I hope the Olympics will give me a chance to show people who I am, and the sport I love.”

Vonn said she did not plan to let up this summer.

“I’m in the gym six to eight hours a day, six days a week,” she said. “I don’t go out with friends very often. I don’t get to do any of the normal stuff people get to do. I give all my time to skiing. I’ve worked my whole life to get to this point in my career.”

Vonn added, “I know how much I’ve sacrificed, and I’m willing to sacrifice more, to work twice as hard this summer to prepare for these Games.”
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