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Yeah what teoteoteo said........

teoteoteo said:
The Teramo is made in Tennessee as all Ti Litespeeds are. The Teramo is a great value as it utilizes tubesets from previous designs/year models to keep price low.

Basically the Teramo is a Siena sans Carbon rear end. The front triangle uses the same tubes as last years Siena/Tuscany. They offer it in only one configuration instead of kit options but it is a really good value. The Solano is the same story basically its an older design of the Tuscany.

The Teramo is a budget priced frame set and a goody at that.
I too was looking at the Teramo aswell but went with the Solano
instead as I liked the brushed finish better on the Solano than
the shotpeened finish (aft part of the frame) on the Teramo.

I didn't ride the Teramo but I'm sure it's a nice ride but
you should ride a few different models as they are quite

I just rode a Tuscany today at the LBS w/campy Whoooa I
couldn't believe how much better it rode than the Solano!
Smooooth! The Solano rode very nice, better than my
98 Cannondale mtb (Al frame) w/only 30# air in the 2.1"tires

I'll be making the switch to the Tuscany on monday w/added $$$.

Good luck on your choice of rides. VÈÑÍ VÍÐÌ VÌÇÍ ™.
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