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Triple vs. compact

It appears the only difference is the crankset. One has a triple -- three gears* in the front; 50, 39 and 30 teeth. The other has what's known as a compact double - 2 gears, 50 and 36 teeth. The triple will give you lower low gears, and a little bit closer ratios among the higher gears, but be a little more trouble to shift sometimes and maybe a little fussier to maintain -- but not much. The compact double will have a little wider jump between the two high ranges, will be a little simpler to shift sometimes, but won't have as low a gear for steep hills.

If you're a new rider, and you expect to be riding in places with steep and/or long hills, the triple is probably the better choice.

Edit: I just saw your other post about where you live. If you were staying in Florida, I'd say get the double, but if you're really moving to Hawaii, I'd definitely say get the triple.

*The preferred terminology is "chainrings" or simply "rings". The gears in the back are known as "cogs", and the whole set of gears in the back is known as the "cassette" or sometimes "cluster." Using the common terms will not only make you sound cooler, it will help you get better answers on fora like this one ;-)

BTW, welcome.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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