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Everyone beware. I posted a couple of want ads in a local free classified paper for merchandise I wanted to sell. So far after only 3 days of being listed I have received 4 scam emails from "buyer" who obviously send a generic mail to everyone in the paper. Then later send payment and shipping instructions, and how they will send me several thousand dollars and then deduct the expenses and send the rest back via western union so they can send their shipper to make a pick up! It is just maddening that we can't even do a simple innocent thing without being totally attacked and bombarded and preyed upon! I imagine that like the illegal alien problem, internet scammers are too many to find them all or even do much about because they are hidding and sometimes steal others identity. I suppose blocking software and computer security helps from received these mails. But the best I can think to do is when they send you an email, go into the properties and select and copy and paste all the info from where it came from. I might do this and keep it for my records just in case the authoirties can use it. I want to report this and warn everyone.
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