Look 765 Disc Review

For riders looking to conquer the road (or dirt road) less traveled, the Look 765 Disc is a suitable companion.​

Lowdown: Look 765 Disc

Look's new "Carboflax" technology - no it's not a breakfast alternative - brings high modulus carbon fibers together with flax linens to give the new 765 Disc an especially noticeable damped ride feel. Paired with flat mount disc brakes that accommodate up to 30mm tires, this bike can tackle some pretty rough terrain with a lot of added confidence. A relatively laid-back geometry adds even more extension to this bike's ride application. What's more, this all comes at a surprisingly reasonable price for the French boutique brand.

Frame: 765 Disc High ModulusStem: Zipp Service Course +/- 60
Fork: 765 Disc CarboflaxWheels: Mavic Aksium Disc CL
Headtube angle: 70.8 degreesTires: Continental SportContact 30mm
Saddle: Selle Italia Q-Bik Flow BicolorSizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Chainstay length: 410mmWeight: 1450g (frame + fork)
Crankset: Shimano Ultegra 6800Base price: $2499
Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra 6800Price as tested: $3799
Brakes: Shimano flat mount hydraulicRating: 3.5 out of 5
3.5 stars
Bars: Zipp Service Course
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  • Lightweight carbon frame
  • Heavy wheels
  • Carboflax construction, paired with large tires provides damped ride
  • Too upright/heavy to be suitable for performance application
  • Flat mount disc brake frameset can accommodate up to 30mm tires
  • Extremely comfortable raised front-end geometry really extends bike's range
  • Good overall value

Look 765 Disc Review

Plenty of tire clearance here.​

Review: Look 765 Disc

As racing season comes to a close and riders across the northern hemisphere begin to get burned out on traditional paved routes that they've been flogging for months now, less-traveled gravel routes are become more appealing. The bike industry has been exploiting this new frontier of drop-bar off-pavement riding for a couple of years now. With the Look 765 Disc, RoadBikeReview takes a look at the boutique French brand's first take at this burgeoning market segment.

Ride Feel and Performance

Smoother is faster. I think Specialized coined that term, but what has long been understood in the world of motorsports is quickly being applied to the realm of high performance bicycles. Look's approach to this concept, and the most unique attribute of the 765 Disc, is its Carboflax system, a damping system centered around the integration of natural flax linen fibers into the carbon weave. Interestingly, Look applied this technology to only the fork and chainstays of the 765, increasing damping capabilities where the bike most immediately absorbs shock while retaining responsiveness in the central parts of the frame.

Look 765 Disc Review

Our first component swap would be to mount up some lighter wheels.​

After several weeks of riding this bike on multiple surfaces and varying terrain, it's clear that it's a great option for long-distance varied-terrain riding. But I'd say the Carboflax concept blends in a bit more than Look was probably hoping for.

Our test bike was equipped with 30mm tires, which was great for this application. Kudos to Look for having the foresight to imagine that riders in this category would likely want to pair the bike with some larger tires to handle a wider range of surface types than a traditional road bike.

Importantly, the side effect of this pairing was the reality that any significant damping noticed on the bike was hard to disassociate from the entire system. Was it the bike or was it the tires that provided a smooth ride quality? Either way, it wasn't exactly impressive, respectable, but not impressive.

Build Highlights

Our tester 765 came with a solid build kit, though it all came with a significant weight penalty. The 765 Disc itself is not exactly heavy. Listed at 1450 grams (frame + fork), I was shocked to pick up the bike for the first time. For a carbon fiber drop-bar bicycle, this was easily the heaviest bike I have tested in a while. The additional weight of the mid-level disc brake system and associated components took its toll on overall weight. This wheel/tire combination might be great for exploring without limits, but they certainly come with a penalty.

Look 765 Disc Review

A little French flair.​

All in all, this bike functioned very well for the intended application and price range. The bike provided ample long-range comfort and accessibility. And when it comes down to it, this is the central focus of the endurance bike market. The Shimano Ultegra build kit isn't the lightest out there, but it performs very well for the value, especially the disc brakes. For the price, the Look 765 Disc hit all its marks for this genre of bike with a bit of French flair to boot.

Final Word

The 765 Disc won't be a racer's choice because of fairly high weight as tested. But it really isn't built for that purpose in the first place. Instead, this bike will push your boundaries in a way that a bike was originally intended to do, across new terrain and without limitation by track composition or width. It will get you out there and back without discomfort, and in a way that other riders in your neighborhood cycling club are not likely to have on their radar. Look is known for their much more purist race pedigree, after all. They're known for a traditionally higher price tag just the same. But this bike breaks the mold in that regard. With that in mind, I'd give the Look 765 Disc another look anytime.

For more information, visit www.lookcycle.com.