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I recently bought a new LOOK HSC 4SL fork for my 2004 LOOK 386i. The old HSC 4 fork required a snap ring at the base of the fork steer tube for the bottom bearing to sit. The new HSC 4 SL fork has a carbon molded semi circular hump for the bearing to rest on eliminating the snap ring. Also to center the bottom bearing in the head tube a new bearing insert came with the fork which allowed it to center the bearing in the bottom of the head tube. If you try to use the old head tube insert the bearing assemble floats around and is not stable and will not work.

The standard headset on my LOOK bikes (481SL and 386i both 2004)seem to be the FSA type with the 36x45 degree bearing set. If you ever had a set of instructions from a LOOK product it always seems to be more generic than specific. As such here is my question.

I have assembled the headset (the instructions just assumed you knew to install the new head tube cup for the top of the bottom bearing) and there is no play and seems normal using the parts that came in the package. I bought the fork from England and it came in a factor box with a complete set of headset hardware but you never know if the parts may be correct. The reason why I ask is that I just read an Ebay add where a guy, he seems real certain, believes that the bearing set needed for this type of fork is a 45x45 degree (campy) set and not the normal (36x45 degree crane creek) style. I have the same fork in the picture and he also got his from England and it did not work in his bike.

Again the final assembly (compressor, headset, cups and bearings) seems fine. However, I would hate to ruin this fork if I am using the wrong parts. The assembly instructions are so generic one never knows for sure. Any ideas?


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