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Has anyone had a problem with the inside of the steerer delaminating?

I'm on my second pair of forks in less than 6 months and they are doing the same thing.

I've been using a Reynolds expander so the steerer is supported and a torque wrench to ensure they aren't over tight.

My Mizuno's and Reynolds forks had no such problem over 4 years.

Any ideas?

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"pair of forks?" :)

Seriously, though, what causes you to be seeing the inside of your steerer so frequently? I've been riding the same setup for 5 seasons and once I got the bar height right, I don't know that I've removed the cap more than 2-3 times...

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jtolleson said:
"pair of forks?" :)
With all the "oh so correct" nomenclature bs we have now, I'm surprised that it's not called a fork set.

Walks into an LBS and says, "Hi. I'm here to buy a pair of wheels."
"Oh. You mean a wheelset."
"What's a wheelset?"
"You know. A pair of wheels."
"Isn't that just what I said?" :confused: :rolleyes:

"How 'bout a new frameset to go with that wheelset?"
"What's a frameset?"
"It's a frame for your bike, of course."
"So, it's a frame then?"
"Well, actually it's a frameset." :mad2:

"What kind of saddle are you riding?"
"Saddle? I don't even have a horse."
"No, no. I mean on your bike."
"Ohhh!, You mean the seat?"
"Well, actually it's called a saddle."
"I see. The seat isn't called a seat. It's called a saddle."
"Right. It's very important to get these terms correct."

"Hey! You know what I could use? A new saddle pillar."
"Sure! We've got a large selection of seat posts."
"Seat posts? You just said they were'nt called seats."
"Well, you're right, but the things the seats...oops...I mean saddles sit on are called seat posts."
"Umm, yeah. I see. That makes perfect sense." :confused:

"I was thinking...instead of buying that pair...oh, sorry...wheelset, I was just going to buy a pair of hubs, a pair of rims and assemble them myself."
"So, you want to buy a hubset and a rimset?"
"Yes, that would be fine. And could you please hurry with those? My wife asked me to stop by the store on the way home, and pick a milkset, a breadset, and green pepperset."
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