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^ Already two good replies, but I'll add what I can...

I have both the Keo 2 and the Sprints. I like the 2's more. Bigger platform and the metal plate is also nice. Makes snapping in more secure and overall the pedal feels better because of its larger size.

The Sprints are fine too, not a huge performance decrease by any means, but if I had the choice between the two, I'd go with the 2's.

Squeaking. Yeah, I've had this on the Sprints, not really on the 2's. I used some wax on my cleats and the pedal (just rubbed it on the contact points) and it went away.

I briefly checked out the trade in program and it didn't seem worth it to me. If you look at UK dealers you can get the 2's for like $100-$120 when on sale, + discount, + good currency exchange rate. I think this is less than what you can buy them for with the trade in...but you also lose your set of pedals. I'd just keep or sell what I have and buy whichever ones I wanted. But, I could be wrong, as I did just do a quick look at it, out of curiosity.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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