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I've been a long fan of the old Look delta system and remotely considered switching to Keos but just couldn't justify the expense right now. That is, until I saw that PBK is selling the Keo Easy pedals for dirt cheap. I noticed that these are 5g lighter than the Keo Sprints but $40 cheaper and 5g heavier than the Cro-mos but $80 cheaper!

I tried to look for a review but couldn't find any. Can anyone give me the low-down? Are these worth $50? They look really no-frills but also don't look adjustable -- I usually prefer my right pedal a little looser than my left pedal.


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Last year I switched from deltas to Keos. Although I'm unfamiliar with the model you're asking about, I can make general comments re: the Keo line.

Differences between Deltas & Keos:

1. Keos don't squeak.....ever.
2. Keos are EXTREMELY slippery to walk on. Look used teflon to cure the squeaking problem.
3. The Keo cleats wear very quickly. I'd strongly suggest getting a pair of cleat covers.
4. Clip in is about the same, but IME the slipperyness on the Keo cleats is a factor here too.
5. The quality of the pedals is the same, as far as I can tell, which is to say, terrific.

I have Classics and Sprints. The Sprints definitely hold you feet more firmly than the Classics. Both are adjustable, but I'm not so sure I'd buy Classics again. Cleats are easy to find. That's about all I can say for now.
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