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6was9 said:
as I saw a pic of him on a C40 with Lance last year. Then I saw him on a Giant Composite TCR at the T-Mobile race in Frisco. And then 486 this year. I thought that he was into Ti bikes but I think he likes his CF frames.

Anyway, I am, should I say, pissed at Look. I bought two of their not cheap frames last year and have many of thier components. They shouldn't treat their loyal cust. this way, d'ya think?
I agree with you. Have you tried sending an email to LOOK? I've had much better luck with a direct email instead of using the forum.

For what it's worth, I've heard the same thing about the 481SL. In addition to the new HCS4SL fork, they changed the carbon layup in the frame. They taken some weight out of certain areas and beefed up others. The 04 481SL frame and 03 381i look identical(except for paint) but the carbon layup is different.
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