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Apparently no longer made by Ritchey, its a long story, but a couple of years ago my mountain bike wheelset got the rear wheel drug behind the car for a 1/2 mile. Really bad as it ground away the OCR rim. I'm looking for a 28 hole OCR rim.

I understand that Velocity makes rims, but looks like they go 32 or 36 not 28 hole, like my hubs. Can these be laced up with a 28 hole hub using a special spoke pattern, or am I just screwed to find a replacement. I found another manufacturer as well, but left the bookmark at work.
Anyone out there know where I can find a red anodized 28 hole OCR rim to substitute??
Thanks in advance:D

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I have heard of people going through the Velocity distibutor and getting undrilled rims. You could then drill them to 28h. Have a good relationship with an LBS that deals in Velocity? - TF

Also, do you need OC?
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