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Looking for 28mm wide BUTYL tubulars

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Well, that's disappointing...I've ordered a pair of Vittoria Rubino Pros back on 5/1 from ProBikeKit, only to find my order stalled, and the the 'not in stock' quantity posted. At this point, I don't know if they're even going to put them back in stock!
So, I went to check domestics vendors, found that BikeTiresDirect doesn't have them, nor even Conti Sprinters in ANY size wider than 23mm.

So, I'm looking for roughly 28mm wide tubulars, but only with butyl tubes (already have a wheelset with latex tubs; nice tires, pain in the @$$ to keep aired-up). And, I'm hoping to get them for something less than $100 each, too (hopefully for less than $80, if that's not considered delusional today..). Anybody know where something might be available?

Oh, also, I'm not looking for:
Vittoria Rallys
Conti Giros
Anything Tufo
Anything cyclocross
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Have you tried REI?
Someone sid they suck.
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Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 Tubular Tire at BikeTiresDirect

Bike Tires Direct say they have one left. same goes for Western Bike Works. Might just be the same tire as these 2 companys are pretty much one and the same.

Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 Tubular Tire at WesternBikeworks
Bike24 had the Schwalbe One 30 mm on sale for the longest time, maybe they still do.
They measured 29 mm at 4 ATM for me, no brainer at €20 a pop.
Looks like they finally sold 'm all.

The Continental Competition Pro LTD while not butyl has a very thick latex inner, loses pressure very slowly and still rides beautifully.
Thanks for all the info. I ended up buying a pair of Schwalbs in 27mm size. I've had great luck with Schwalb clinchers, but these are the first of their tubulars I've tried.
Just wanted to give some feedback on my purchase; The sale went through very smoothly in English, and they now offer payment by your Amazon account or your Pay-Pal account, so currency exchange was the amount at the time the transaction went through. Package arrived at my house in NY about 12 days later. Quicker and easier transaction than I've EVER had with any of those British/Irish online retailers.

As for the tires, I'm really pleased. Compared to say, Conti Sprinters, the ride is more supple, they mount a LOT easier onto the rim, and I'm hoping that the base tape doesn't start to separate from the carcass (like Sprinters always seem to do after only a couple of years). These tires ride just about as well as my old Vittoria Rubinos, and let's hope that they don't end up being as fragile as those were. Also, it feels like they have even less rolling friction than the Vittorias (and certainly less than the old Tufos had).
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