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The past 3 weeks i've been looking for a bike for myself and my wife. The main reason for purchasing these bikes would be.
  1. Pulling my 1 year old daughter in a burley bike trailer.
  2. Fitness, I hate running i'm hoping biking will help me get in better shape.
  3. Spending time as a family

I'm the type of person that likes buying quality products and not worried to much about price point. Most my friends think a Walmart bike would be fine with what i'm planning to do. I feel like if I buy a nicer bike it would force me to use it more often. :)

Here are the 2 bikes ive been looking at.
QUICK SL 3 - QUICK - Recreation - Recreation & Urban - Bikes - 2013

QUICK CARBON 2 - QUICK CARBON - Recreation - Recreation & Urban - Bikes - 2013

Would the Quick SL 3 be more then enough for me? Honestly I LOVE the look of the Quick Carbon 2!

Naso Unicornis
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I would go with the Quick SL3. There's no need to get a fancy carbon frame when you're riding around with your family. Heck even a number of us who ride hard for training or just personal fitness use aluminum bicycles (look at the extensive CAAD10/CAAD9 threads). All of us are happy with Cannondale's aluminum offerings. Also, the Quick SL3 has 25mm tires and a triple crankset. The 25mm wide tires will give you great comfort, while the triple crankset will give you the needed gearing to tow a trailer behind you.

Save the cash and buy your daughter a giant Pottery Barn Clancy Bear to keep her company on the bike rides. Mind you, that will double your effort. Those giant bears probably weigh more than your daughter.

Gotta say that Quick SL3 in pastel blue/orange is a really hot looking bike. I've seen the CAAD10 with that color combination and it's gorgeous.
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