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Here is the deal, I haven't road a bike in probably 10 years but I trying to get into the sport. Mostly for exercise and enjoyment, possibly for commuting if possible.

I went down to the local bike shop, they have been around for years, I actually remember my dad buying my bike there when I was a kid.

I told him my riding intentions and that I planned on riding mostly trails/streets, and he recommended to be a Giant FCR(im guessing 3 by the price). I had never even heard of this brand until this point. He adjusted the bike for me and let me ride it around and it was comfortable overall with the exception of the seat. I looked up some of the reviews and they were mostly positive, so I'm feeling comfortable with purchasing this bike .

I’m basically looking some confirmation that this is a decent first bike that will last for a while and be durable. I also want some advice on on cycling in general, certain gear that would be beneficial, maintenance for the bike, anything specifically that I should know before I jump into this sport. I'm sure you guys answer stupid questions like this all the time, and I will read around the forums for some answers, but if someone could take some time to answer some of these I would appreciate it.
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