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I'm "tubular curious" and want to try my hand with them. I'd like to get my hands on some made by Gigantex or another reputible supplier with a good service history. Price is an issue as I don't want to drop $1000. I currently run Shimano RS80 C50's (aluminum brake surface) and like them alot. I also run Shimano RS80 C24's for my climbing bikes.

I've looked at Planet-X tubular that look to be Gigantex Hoops with Novatec Hubs and Pillar Spokes, those are $529 shipped.

I know that Neuvation make 55mm wheels made by Gigantex but those are about $200 more.

I think the Vuelta Carbon 50T is also a gigantex rim, internal nipples are a downer, but can be had on sale @ Nashbar.

I'm looking for something in the $500-$600 range - somewhere in there. I've seen the ebay carbon wheels and the braking surface appears to be nothing like what I've seen on the Gigantex hoops.

I also want to buy factory and not have to worry about having them built. Again, I'm "tubular curious" as I think my Shimano clinchers run great but want to give tubulars a try without committing too much to find out. I know, I know, "borrow a friends", problem is none of my riding buddies have them either so we're all just a little "curious". Figured I'd take the plunge and share them with the boys and see how they are.

Any recommendation on vendors/make? Ideally I'd like a wheel with a dependable braking surface, external nipples and something lower in weight than aluminum. My Shimano C24's are 1550g or something close to that. I should be in the 1400 gram dept with carbon tubulars. The Planet X look to be decent, but the internal nipples are turning me off since truing would mean removing the tire. I need to learn the trick of tubular mounting to boot, so that plays into this equation.


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I believe Neuvation carbon rims are Gigantex. Here's one of his recent blog posts:

"""Courtesy of Bike Biz, a UK based online trade web site. The rims in one of the photos (WH132) are one of the models we buy, and I would hazard to guess that the crank arms shown in another photo are destined for Sram who has Gigantex make the arms for their latest generation of Red cranksets.

One of the very important points in the article is they say the carbon fiber market is quickly breaking into two camps – the higher end and the lower end. I know I can now go to Alibaba and buy tiny quantities of carbon rims direct from China (as a consumer) for much less than I pay from Gigantex who has invested heavily in equipment and technology.

It’s easy to appreciate why the carbon rims cost so much by looking at the tooling for a rim. When one normally thinks of molding, one thinks of an injection molding machine spitting out parts every second or two. With carbon, the fabric must be carefully laid into a very expense mold that holds only one rim. That mold is then heated and allowed to cure. All of this takes a lot of time and expensive tooling.

Thanks for reading – John Neugent"""
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