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That was looking for my first road bike and came across this Sharp Shogun at what I thought would be a great price. Turns out needed tires and tubes badly so I got it for $50. Spent $150 for new tires and tubes installed and the tune-up so I have a little under $200 in it. The guy at the bike shop said I stole it. I loved to get any information any of you might have on it.

The things I can see on it:
  • Infinity chromoly tapered double-butted tubing by Tange
  • Shimano light action rear derailler
  • Sugino VP130 on the pedals
  • Shimano bl-l331 slr brakes
  • Alps Japan on the handlebars
  • Mavic rear rim. Araya front rim 700C

That's about all of the identifiers I can find. I don't see any serial numbers or anything like that on it anywhere

Is there some place I can look to find some kind of identifying numbers any info that anybody has on it would be appreciated!

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I wouldn't say you "stole it". $200 for a mid-level 6-sp road bike of about 35 years ago is......OK. It's probably one of the better Shoguns extant, but still it's an old bike with old components, on a bike that was never high-end in the first place. Just ride it, get an idea of what you really want in a modern bike. This bike certainly is not a museum piece.
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