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I'd be happy with a $400 price but I'm seeing $550 plus $80 for the stem. Admittedly I haven't gone to speak with anyone yet.
Try searching Yelp for bicycling painting near San Francisco. That should give you a starting point, and a list of people to check out.

Doing the prep work will cut costs, of course, but work that out ahead of time. Some methods of stripping cause paint issues, like soda blasting, which can be dealt with if known about before shooting the paint. And shops will have standards of prep you will likely want to meet to avoid the charge.

I will say that auto places can do a good job, cheap. This is especially true if you pick a color they are shooting on a car (cheap) and if they have experience painting bike frames (good). Some do a bad job, especially with inside angles.

Good luck finding the right place.
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