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I have been researching a new bike all winter, and now that the season is in swing, I need to make a decision. I have narrowed down my search to 5 bikes- alll are stocked by my LBSs. They are:
Trek 5200
Giant TCR c2
Fuji team pro
specialized roubiax expert
specialized allez expert

I can get each one for about the same price, and I will be test riding each in the next week. I am mainly using this bike to complement my mountain biking with the intention of getting into racing/triathalons in a year or two.

What I want to know from people who own any of these bikes (or have tested them):
What are the pros/cons?
Why did you select or not select the bike?
Any questions I should ask the LBS to help in determining my choice?

I ask these questions because when I test, I want to be able to try and accentuate any pros and cons. I also don't want to leave a stone unturned when talking to the LBS.


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All of these are pretty high-line bikes. You really can't go too far wrong with any of them. My best advice, assuming any / all of the bikes fit you well, (and I'm not kidding about this), pick the one you think is the best looking. You could buy a great bike, but if you don't like the way it looks, you'll never be happy with it.

Why didn't I buy one of these? None of them fit me. I'm tall with relatively short legs. I need a long top-tube & stem. I'm currently riding a 60 cm DeRosa, with a 140 mm stem. Best fittting bike I've had in my life.

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Agree on the test ride. The geometry of the Roubaix is a lot different from the TCRc2, just for example. The roubaix is much more relaxed, geared toward comfort more than high performance, where the TCR is a race frame, though both could be raced or ridden long distance if they fit right.

After you ride them you should have it narrowed down to 3 or less, easily. And then pick on color or price or what matches the shoes you're gonna buy. Seriously.

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Do they all have the same components ?
Ps. What do you want out of a bike ?

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I test rode those bikes just recently as well and I really like the Trek. I actually rode the bike on a whim because I wwas looking at Cannondale and Giant TCR2 as my main favorites. The Trek has 25c tires on it which does make for a better ride as opposed to the 23c tires on the others. I'm not into Fuji but that is just my opinion and nothing that relates to the quality of their bicycle. The Roubaix sports a longer headtube and longer chainstays which gives it a comfortable ride but a less responsive feel than the others. It is not really less responsive necessarily it just seems to feel that way. The headtube angle is also less steep as well. All around a stable bike that invokes confidence at higher speeds that can really benefit a new rider that is not used to going so fast on two skinny wheels. Given what the bike is designed for I'm surprised the didn't spec 25c tires on it as well. Ride em all and buy what speaks to you the most.
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