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I am new to road riding. I have been riding MTB as a weekend warrior for a few years (SS 29er) in the Phoenix area. Over the last few months I have been trying to get out in the morning to ride my local trail and have been pretty consistent in getting out for a quick little morning ride about 3 weekdays plus a long Saturday ride. I am trying to get fit and drop some weight and become a faster more efficient rider. I like riding.

I picked up a road bike last week and have ridden everyday since. I wanted to have a way I could just ride out of the house on the weekdays without gearing up and having to haul my ass to a trail. That all takes valuable time when you have to get to work!

I installed my computer for todays ride. I was very curious to see how I was performing on the road. Today would have been my 5th road ride (all in a row) I have pretty much done the same loop all the days so I imagine my numbers for each day would have been similar today.

I rode just shy of 33 miles at a 15.7 mile an hour average with a top speed of 32.8. I currently weigh 275lbs.

I could absolutely do a longer loop if I had the time. I believe based on the way I feel I could comfortably do 50-60 miles at the present time.

I am interested in doing some group rides but I lack experience. My questions are pretty straight forward.

1. If there are groups that classify themselves (ie 14-16 or 16-19mph) am I better suited at this point to jump in with the faster group? My limited knowledge has indicated you can gain some speed when riding in a group. Is that accurate?

2. My loop is not flat but it is not excessively hilly. Based on the info I posted how am I doing.

3. Are there good resources or some basic group ride etiquete info I need (I have to assume there is)

Any other advice and opinions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
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