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Been there done that. back in late 80's helped Dan Empfield get Quintana Roo off the ground in Santa Ana, CA. then in Early 90's opened my own 1500SQ Ft Tri Shop (Tri-Pro Triathlon Shop) in Fountain Valley, CA. Had a complete business plan drawn up.
Thing is everything always looks better on paper. There are so many many variables in the real world that one can not control and in return have an negative impact on a small business owner. Who would think back in the 90's we would go in war with Iraq for the first time. I didn't and that had a huge impact on my business.
In Having my own shop I learned more than 7 years of college by far.
I will never be sorry for trying at retail it is a hard game. But I look at it this way I never have to ask myself "What if"

Ray Still
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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