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Well Friday the 26th is comming up and for many people like me it is a must bike commute day, one of the worst afternoon traffic days of the year, Friday before memorial day holiday.
I am going to change to cross tires ride from my house, out the 1/2 mile gravel driveway down the big hill and then take hyway 2 to work, about 13.5-14 miles each way. Recently I have been driving 3.5 miles to town and riding about 10 miles in from the park and ride, so I can ride with my road tires. On the way home on the 26th I will be passing many cars on the highway trying to get over the cascade mountains or just a little further east to get home from work.
Today was a good precursur to the 26th since it was friday and there was a minor accident on hyway two right before Sultan and I know that I couldn't have beat myself home in my car today. It should be fun though
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